For getting perfect figure like Jennifer Lopez’s hot figure or Angelina Jolie’s rounded and in good form stomach or the Halle Berry’s peerless determine, currently most of the women are looking for such excellent form. In fact, many females look up to these superstars as heroines when it comes to reducing bodyweight and having that ideal determine. Everyone wants to find out the secrets of weight-loss used by these superstars to try on their self. Here are a few popular superstar diet plans that you may consider as effective:

The Five Factor Weight Loss Diet:

This particular eating plan is quite popular among celebrities and it guarantees to give you the desired results in a span of five weeks only. According to this eating plan, you ought to eating small foods five times in a day with every food prepared from five distinct ingredients. The diet provides you the benefit of five cheat days, wherein you can relax and keep away from this diet plan once in a week. Apart from the diet plan, you need to perform a 25-minutes workout on every day basis.

Atkins Diet:

The primary principle of this weight-loss is that it should shift your body in a condition of ketosis through which the body can use the fat as fuel. This will lead to instant weight-loss. During the first couple of weeks in the diet plan, you just have to eat meats, cheese and fats. You must eliminate carbohydrate food from what you diet plan. With the onset of 3rd week, you must reintroduce carbohydrate into your diet plan.  Nevertheless, refined meals and those containing sugar in high quantities such as white flour must be remove completely from the diet plan.

Blood Group Weight Loss Diet:

The basis of this particular weight loss that the lectins found in the food will respond to all types of blood vessels groups and thus, an individual with a specific blood group must eating only specific types of foods to stay fit and thin. For instance, individuals with O blood group require including loads of meats into their diet plan. People who have A blood group must consume vegetarian meals as well as must avoid red meat completely. Further, people with B blood group ought to eat loads of milk items, whereas people of AB blood group must consume a diet plan that is a mixture of the diet suggested for A and B blood group people.


Celebrities such as Denise Richards, Melanie Brownish and Heidi Klum surprised everyone by shunning an upright 30-40 weight off their bodies within a few months post delivery. According to these celebrities, training everyday under the assistance of a personal and expert trainer is the best way to avoid bodyweight. An ideal and effective weight-loss workout schedule is the one, which includes the blend of stretches and cardiovascular workouts along with weight training.

Hence now you know about the weight-loss methods used by some of the well known and admired celebrities, it is time to try one for yourself and see the distinction in you after an month.