There were many concerns that taking Sildenafil for dealing with erection dysfunction can improve intra-ocular stress in those affected by glaucoma. To research the impact, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania checked for the medication impact on 15 men, who had raised intra-ocular stress that causes glaucoma. The issue was however, very much under control with the regular use of recommended eye drops.

The topics were asked to take Sildenafil or placebo tablets alternatively for two days. So, each topic got both the options. When the topics took the medication, after five hours, intra-ocular stress was measured. There was no important rise in stress in the cases, Sildenafil or a placebo.

This study has brought a new ray of wish for all those sufferers who experience from male impotence along with glaucoma. They can now take Sildenafil without negatively impacting their perspective. However, medical health guidance is very important in connection with this.

There has been another research, which says that Viagra and Cialis that contain Sildenafil Citrate as an effective substance component might be associated with improved risk of optic sensors harm in those people who had a history of heart attack  or  high blood pressure.

The findings are based on case study of 76 men, who visited a US professional eye medical center. Half the men suffered from optic sensors harm, while the spouse did not have the situation. The two groups were similar in terms of age, and way of life.

Both the groups were asked about their lifestyle choices, smoking cigarette and alcohol consumption, health issues like diabetes, hypertension, kidney problems and the treatment they were taking for these circumstances. They were also requested whether they had been prescribed anti-impotency medications like Generic Viagra or Cialis for impotence problems.

Scientists found that men who had a heart attack in the first years were 10 times more likely to face the problem of optic sensors harm, if they consume Viagra or Cialis before diagnosing of the situation. They also found that men who suffered from hypertension also had higher chances of developing optic nerve harm, if they had taken the anti-impotency medication. However, there was not much distinction.

The writers of the research cautioned that although the research is little, yet it suggests that the anti-impotency medication will impact your health if you are already suffering from some.

The word of caution however is that if you are suffering from any health situation and taking any treatment to the same, tell it to your physician before he places you on the stop erectile dysfunction medication. Instead of doing any good, it will only worsen your situation.

Many online drug stores anti-impotency medications, but not all of them are authentic. It is therefore, very important to evaluate for the reliability of the site and start with the transaction. Any of the incorrect steps can prove deadly for your health.